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A lady in our church has a few properties which she lets out and people have taken advantage of a good heart and her willingness to help.


She had numerous challenges around the letting of the these  including her tenants not paying and disappearing with her money and some being evicted unlawfully to a pont where she was prepared to cut her losses and go back to her country Kenya.


By prayer and trusting God, the school where her daughter attends offered her a full scholarship for her daughter for two years, they offered her a job to run a Veterinary hospital and found a lawyer to work on getting all her properties back and the millions that she has lost in the process of time.


This has restored her confidence in the power of God and her relationship with the Lord.

Pastor Zondi on behalf of a CICC SA member

Hope it’s not too late to  to express my appreciation once again for a lovely time spent while in Leeds. Thank you truly for making it what it was. It was really engaging most of time but what I learnt most from you is to relax and trust that all would be well and indeed it was. If there is anything I learnt so profoundly while in Leeds is to know that

it will always be well. I am well, really really well.


My dear Reverend... I hold you in high regard... truly truly. You are one of the special people that made my stay in Leeds absolutely memorable. I'm totally indebted to you.Thank you ever so much. I pray and Trust that CICC is doing great.

I should do better than abandon you I know....and I plan to do exactly that.


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